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I started my career as a designer at Yahoo about 9 years ago. Since then, I've designed numerous mobile apps, enterprise softwares, medical device interface and design systems. I've also had the privilege of talking to users gathering insights during in-field and lab research in various cities as part of my work, which I enjoy a lot.
  • 2nd Prize for Gingerabbit,
    Social Innovators Hackathon
  • Excellence in Mobile Banking
    for UOB Mighty,
    RBI Asia Trailblazer Award
  • Designer of the Year, Aleph Labs
  • Yahoo! Superstar Team Award
  • Yahoo! You Rock! Team Award
  • NAFA ICON finalist for Photography
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Product Designer & Co-Founder
  • Senior Designer
    Aleph Labs
  • User Experience Consultant
  • User Experience Designer
  • Bachelor of Science,
    Information Management
    University College Dublin
  • Visual Design Masterclass,
    Cooper U
  • Diploma, Interactive Design,
    Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
I listen to
  • I Seem Fun
    by Jen Kirkman
    A stand-up comedian sits in her bedroom and talks about random things like weird customer service practices, airlines and her own life as a touring comedian.
  • Monocle Radio
    by Monocle
    A potpourri of podcasts on a diverse range of topics from African politics to Typography. I've barely scratched the surface on this one.
  • Inside Intercom
    by Intercom
    Conversations on product management, design, user research, analytics, content strategy with people who shape products.
  • Overtime
    by Dribbble
    Conversations with designers and illustrators.
  • Design Details
    by Spec Network
    My go-to podcast for all-things product design. Casual conversations with product designers hosted by Uber Bryn and Brian Lovin.
  • Double Toasted
    by Korey Coleman & gang
    Stumbled upon this podcast almost a decade ago. Very candid and casual reviews of new & old movies.
  • Nice to Meet You The Show
    by Tobias Van Schneider
    Conversations with makers, founders, bootstrappers and people in the design industry.
  • The
    by Invision
    Conversations with design leaders.
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