Mobile Wallet by ICICI Bank

Designing Mobile Payment and Banking for Youth in India
Pockets is a VISA-powered mobile wallet that customers of any bank in India can use to recharge mobile, book movie tickets, send money to anyone, pay bills, and more. It is a very ambitious product which aimed to fuse lifestyle and mobile banking capabilities in one app.

Role: User Interface Design         Client: ICICI Bank         Agency: Aleph Labs         Year: 2014
of the Indian population have bank accounts
of the Indian population have mobile phones
There is a huge opportunity to reach out to people who are already on mobile and potential first-time banking customers.
Use Cases
The core use cases of the mobile wallet centers around the activities of the youth consumer group. That includes: making mobile recharge, buying movie tickets, sending money to friends from Facebook or WhatsApp, shopping online and more.

Target audience: Youth in India aged 18-35 and first-time banking customers.
Here are a few user experience challenges in designing the mobile wallet:
The product experience should make use of mobile features and technologies to make the experience relevant to users’ daily activities.
Making the in-app navigation super clear and easily accessible at all times, without it being too in your face or distracting when users are making transactions.
Prioritising the right content or information to show at the right instance.
A lot of the transactional features require a fair bit of form filling. Not only do we want the mobile form experience to be as painless as possible, we also want it to be delightful.
Interaction Design
We mapped out the user flows for various interactions in the app and created the wireframes for every transactions. This includes the on boarding experience, as well as end-to-end user flows for sending money to anyone, booking a movie ticket, paying bills, adding funds and so on. We also prototype the interactions that require custom animation.
Visual Design
We set a youthful vibrant vibe for the visual design as the mobile wallet is targeting youth aged 18-35. The colour scheme, the illustrations, ability to personalise the wallet theme and overall tone is geared towards achieving this vibe.
Illustrations credit: Fiza Husin and Mathew Wong.
Creating a Common Design Pattern
We identified the common design elements and components that we use across the app and defined the design pattern for the project to maintain consistency.


Header treatments across the app.

Form elements

Defining the form elements used across the app.
The Outcome
Pockets launched in early 2015 in India.
2 million
downloads within 6 months of launch
from non-ICICI bank customers